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You can already find relevant information in our FAQs.

You can already find relevant information in our FAQs. If you still have questions, please contact us using our service form and we will answer you as soon as possible.

What do I need to pack for a trip into the North?

Winters in Swedish Lapland can get very cold with temperatures till -30°C. Therefore, proper clothing is absolutely essential. For your stay with us, you’ll be equipped with a thermos overall, boots, gloves, a helmet and goggles. Alongside this provided equipment, we suggest bringing along the following essentials:

– Cozy and breathable ski underwear
– Hat, scarf, and your own gloves sturdy and warm winter shoes
– Sunglasses & Sunscreen for the face
– Spare glasses for wearers of glasses and contact lenses
– Necessary medications
– Lip balm and rich creams for face and hands (generally avoid moisturisers based on water on the face if temperatures are extremely low)
– Swimwear

We also recommend a layering principle of dressing. Each layer serves a certain function. Please ask our team if you wish to have a more detailed packing list.

Do I need to exchange money beforehand?

The local currency in Sweden is the Swedish krona (SEK). The hotel you are staying in is a cash free hotel, meaning you are only able to pay with your EC / Debit / Credit card. You can also pay by card in all other shops in town.‍

Where exactly do the activities take place?

We offer our own activities and collaborate with different professional local providers to be able to provide a broader range of activities. However, the hotel is located in Arvidsjaur and all activities are starting nearby, just around 100km south of the Arctic Circle.

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Do I ride my own snowmobile or am I a passenger?

Most of our snowmobiles are one seated, so you will be able to drive your own snowmobile. If you want to follow a tour as a passenger, this is of course also possible with our two seated snowmobiles. Please just let us know what you prefer.

Can I go on a tour with an own dog sled or am I sitting on a sled as a passenger?

Both is possible, depending on which tour you decide on and book with us. For more information please contact us directly.

Isn’t it dark the whole time?

The sunrise and sunset times change very fast (there is an around 8 minutes daylight difference every day) and the twilight seems longer than e.g. in Germany. Here you can check out the exact times.

Can I see the Northern Lights?

Northern Lights, also known as Aurora Borealis, are a natural event, just like a cloudy sky, sun or snow and can therefore not be guaranteed. However, theoretically it’s possible to see them whenever it’s a clear night sky. We always recommend checking the KP-index, a value measuring geomagnetic disruption caused by solar activity. The higher the index, the better the chances are to see the Northern Lights. In Arvidsjaur it’s possible to see Northern Lights best with a KP of at least 3 (the scale goes from 0 to 9).

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